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Get to Know Us Better

Our mission is to provide complete hearing-related services.

Who We Are

NOVA Hearing Services was started in Connecticut more than 42 years ago. The company’s mission is to provide complete portable hearing-related services, such as:

  • Audiological Assessments
  • Wax checks and mitigation
  • Maintenance
    • Battery Checks
    • Aid Cleaning
  • Aid Adjustments (covered brands)
  • Hearing Aid Systems and Accessories

Our patrons largely consist of seniors in the communities who often struggle to visit remote offices.  NOVA Hearing Services visits folks in residences, such as independent, assisted, and memory care communities, senior centers, and private residences.  We maintain referral relationships with many ENT and hospitals for more serious medical opinions and treatment.

Services in these communities performed during our regular hearing screening sessions are free of charge.  The latest system technologies may be trialed free of charge.  For more details about our portable hearing services in, please get in touch with us, anytime...


Mission Statement 

We strive to do anything we can to improve our systems and services by offering outstanding hearing technologies for all hearing-challenged folks.  Our service is meant for all people with hearing impairment, but with emphasis on eldercare commuities.

We provide complete portable audiology and hearing aid sytem design and fitting services.  We take extreme pride in traveling to private residences, independent and assisted-living communities, memory care, and senior centers.

We never charge for our regularly scheduled  in-community hearing screening services and only charge for hearing aid/systems when they prove to make a 'nice difference'.  We dispense only the very top hearing systems from the best manufacturers with proven technologies and reputable services.

Meet the Owner

Sam E. Johnston II, B.S., Signal Processing and Software Development Engineering, Hearing Instrument Specialist

Sam has a first-hand appreciation for hearing impairment with his engineering background in signal processing career and system software development.   His education and work experience coupled with wearing hearing aids due to a significant hearing loss experienced during his more than 10 years in the Naval Security Group, USN.  He is a perfect resource for evaluating manufacturers’ constant efforts to deliver new and improved technologies.

Sam loves working with people and their families and takes true delight when NOVA Hearing Services help make a great difference.  He was one of the early folks fit with hearing aids when the company started for more than 42 years ago.  Because of his great interest in the impaired hearing and his personal experience with hearing loss, Sam acquired this practice more than 15 years ago.

Back then, Sam closed NOVA Hearing Service's main office in Wethersfield Connecticut, and offered the company’s service as a 100% portable practice.  Since many people live in assisted-living facilities, it is often hard for them to visit an office.  That’s when we decided to make our services to portable. 

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